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Physical characteristics

August 17, 2011



ARIES: Dry and lean body,powerful limbs,middle stature,triangular face,dark and thickets eyebrows,long neck,dark or reddish complexion,rough,broad shoulders

TAURUS:Short,Well-Set,Stumpy body,Full face,small eyes,short thick neck,wide nostrils and mouth,large shoulders,short and thick hands

GEMINI:Tall and Straight body, long and think arms,nervous,dark complexion,dark hair,hazel

CANCER:Moderate, round face,Pale complexion and dedicate features,small or flat nose,small eyes

LEO:good stature,full body,well framed and upright,broad,well set shoulders,bright brownish,oval face

VIRGO:Middle stature,slender,neat and prim,Dark or ruddy complexion,pleasing countenance,long nose

LIBRA:Fair or tall stature,graceful body,Large hips,smooth hair,round and sweet face,reddish-white rich complexion,large eyes, good looking people

SCORPIO:Medium size,strong and robust body, broad face,dark complexion,shrewd look

SAGGITARIUS:Tall stature,well formed body,oval face,high forehead,prominent nose,clear eyes

CAPRICON:Short/tall,stature,slender body,thin face,plain looking,long protruding chin,thin neck,dark hair

AQUARIUS:Middle stature,stout and robust body,long face, clear complexion,hazel eyes

PISCES:Short to middle stature,thick built,round shoulders,large face,fair or pale complexion,sleepy or fish like eyes,soft speech



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